I'm twenty days late with this, I know, but I took part in that thing
they call Copenhagen Fashion Week. On friday I went on Danish TV to talk
trends and if everything turns out as the catwalks predict, I can't wait! Even though
it already has kind of started, we are going to be playing a lot more around with
different materials in very sporty cuts. I not sure why, but wearing materials like neoprene
and laces is just so much more fun and inspiring - it allows you to blur the lines
between right and wrong and you can end up a much more personal look.
I really think that the new Danish designers have a lot to offer
in this area!
First of all the two menswear designers Asger Juel Larsen and Jean//phillip showed a lot
of bare skin but certainly a great amount of relaxed sportswear pieces with a slight feminine
touch to some of the styles also. Finally somebody is challenging the Danish menswear. Once
again Anne Sofie Madsen put her technical skills and mechanic motocross-inspired womenswear
on the catwalk. Freya Dalsjö topped off and ended the week for me with an only
three-model-catwalk lead by Lindsey Wixson. A very intense line of
Bauhaus-inspired robes that kept adding materials and volume.
Absolutely amazing!

.. And with fashion week out of the way for this time, I'm ready to embrace the fall!







... And now it's about time to return to the blog and say hello again!
I'm currently in the process of trying out some of my own design ideas in different
textiles and decided to make my very own outfit for the first day of fashion week.
In my recent obsession with feminine fabrics normally reserved for women's wear
I went for a full white laces look. Combined with the sporty fit and paired with
the Saint Laurent shoes it turned out perfectly - a very great start of
Copenhagen Fashion Week!




Wauuw - things have been a bit crazy since last week! Sitting wednesday morning,
very early, half-sleeping in my ordinary coffee-and-checking-mails routine, I accidentally
opened a request for an interview from what I thought was a random street style blog.
After rubbing my eyes and reading the mail over and over again, I realized that it was a bit
bigger than my first impression. I was asked to do an interview with Wall Street Journal!
Seriously, that Wall Street Journal? .. Oh yes!
Since then everything has gone very fast. After the article was published the danish
press have been all over me and I've got a lot of jobs during the coming fashion week
and coming future. I'm so grateful about the interest and I really want to say thank you
to everyone who made this come true, to everyone who follow me here on the
blog and to all my nearest and dearest. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Now, Copenhagen Fashion Week is at the doorstep. I don't think there is nothing
left for me to say than see you out there!

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