Wauuw - things have been a bit crazy since last week! Sitting wednesday morning,
very early, half-sleeping in my ordinary coffee-and-checking-mails routine, I accidentally
opened a request for an interview from what I thought was a random street style blog.
After rubbing my eyes and reading the mail over and over again, I realized that it was a bit
bigger than my first impression. I was asked to do an interview with Wall Street Journal!
Seriously, that Wall Street Journal? .. Oh yes!
Since then everything has gone very fast. After the article was published the danish
press have been all over me and I've got a lot of jobs during the coming fashion week
and coming future. I'm so grateful about the interest and I really want to say thank you
to everyone who made this come true, to everyone who follow me here on the
blog and to all my nearest and dearest. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Now, Copenhagen Fashion Week is at the doorstep. I don't think there is nothing
left for me to say than see you out there!

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