I think you all know those days where you're just feel like daydreaming
on the couch with a cup of burning hot coffee while life is running by outside
your window, right? Well, I've had one or two of those days lately. Actually I've
been offline for a few weeks by now and the snow has returned in
Copenhagen. What a hell! Despite the beautiful winter wonderland (.. in the fucking
end of March - what is going on?) I've had some great great days with friends by the
sea just catching up and drinking wine. I could keep typing for months since I've
missed posting, but I think it's time for sleep before I'm going to bang my head
on the keyboard. Three hours of sleep is just not enough to make some
brilliant writing. I just wanted to say hello!

Happy Easter everyone!







Busy busy days in the color of early spring!
I've always thought that light blue is the perfect color to wear waving goodbye
to the snow just waiting for green and trees to bloom.


Shirt by h&m / Sweat by Zara / Vintage jeans / Clutch by Givenchy / Glasses by Heiko by Heiko
Anklet by Gina Tricot / Shoes by Dr Martens (redesigned by me)