Clutch by Oasis / Shoes by Dr Martens
Rest is vintage

I've been down with the always expected summer-flu
the last couple of days and a moment of misery is always the perfect way for me to gain
sort of insight into big or small things in life. This time mens closets was
the topic. At least my own.

Well, there I was, laying in bed, all snotty, drinking the most evil cocktail of
oranges, carrots, ginger and way too much garlic while watching Sex and the City all over again.
And yes, even though you've seen it about 520 times you can still get something out it.
It might have been the four girls and their glittering Manolo Blahniks or just my own dreadful
I'm-all-alone-and-ill briefs, I don't care, but a question popped up my head. I know it isn't
a new revolutionary question, more a cliche, but why the hell are every single man who
wants to dress up a bit forced to wear nothing else than a suit and a tie? I know there's
an issue about looking too gay - even for me - and still want to be seen as a
masculine man. But seriously, does it has to be that boring?
I'm done with it!

Boys, grab your balls and wear that Versace bag!


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