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Sometimes the perfect way to consider the cause of action
is to get a question slammed right up the face like 'Why are you doing what you do?'. Last
week I was helping out a friend of mine with a shoot titled with the name of a danish song called
something like then go kiss that shitty life for his school. At the following interview the question was
slammed in my face, and later, after I gave the usual answer of blah blah, I actually
began to consider the reason why I do this blog and why I am so passioned
about fashion.
I think that passion is a innate gift everybody's got and finding it, then
following it, is a way to real happiness. Not following that road is an impossibility
to me. As a poor student back in the late 2009 I started up this blog to understand my
passion better and to get closer to the big fashion industry without ripping my bank
account - and what a bless! I have experienced the most fantastic things, met the
most fantastic people and know that I will never stop playing and have fun.
Now, almost four years after my first post, I feel like having achieved my primary goals.
Then why do I keep going on? Because of one simple reason. I love doing this blog!
This journey of me and wherefashionisfashionis isn't over yet - and every single
one of you who support me and my adventure makes me
keep on dreaming!

Henrik Silvius xxx


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