Oh, good morning and hello to 2011. You must be a fabulous one.

It's been four wild days since I last visited the blog. Yeah, actually a bit too wild. Most hours have been absolutely fantastic in company of wonderful people, but there has unfortunately been some I had not wanted. One of my dearest was rushed to the hospital thursday and had to fight for life. Fortunately, he is home again and ready to go on. Most importantly. It is in such situations you have to appreciate life, those you hold dear .. consider how to live. I am deliriously happy that it's possible for me to sign the paper that says you must enjoy every second and exploit to the full .. it's so damn important! Although I will continue in the sentimental corner for a while, it must be said that I had a wonderful festive new year - just in my dears spirit!

I have topped 50 readers! Thank you for the interest about my red wine and seven hundred pair of shoes. Dear ones, I hope you enjoy it as much as I - 'cause it's not that little. Ok, I'm done with all the love. Haha no, I'm never done with all this corny stuff, but I ready to go on. Ready to step into 2011. Happy, creative and curious!

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