I've swum around in loads of sauce the last few days and I'm full. Totally full. To say that I will go on diet would be the most fucked sentence this year, but my stomach requires a new content. I think about traveling to an exotic place .. maybe Thailand or something, fill myself with bananas and passion fruits, color my hair and get the ugliest tattoo on the earth. It would be good for me. New year's eve in a palm tree - oh yes, that would be so cool. Well, on the realistic side .. maybe I just should go to the supermarket, buy some salad for tonight and listen to new music. Or, I could plan a new year's eve not to be place in a tree. For the first time I really don't know nothing about what I'm gonna do on a new year's eve, just that I'm hooked up with some lovelings. And I freakin' like it. Impulsivity will always be it!

Oh, almost forgot to tell about my christmas. Actually, there has been more than food. A bit at least. It has been some fantastic days with my family - hope you had too. I'm back later. I have to do something.

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